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}}:: Still Life with Fruit ::{{

Once again Michele Chang and I partnered up to make an interactive piece. Since we both had a background and interest in art we took a classic idea from art, the still life, reworking it into interactive art. As art changes, meaning of art is in part come from works of the past and the overlap that happens. We chose a still life in particular because still lives have carried symbolic meanings, so in our interactive piece by destroying the fruit hidden meaning is revealed.

This was a performance piece. We dressed up in aprons and had a red rolling cart with a bowl of fruits and some utensils. We then took the utensils and cut into the fruit. With each cut sound samples played according to the fruit we were cutting into. Sound sample ranged from recipes, chewing, commercials and songs about the fruits Meaning was only revealed as you destroyed the thing you wanted the meaning of.

::My documentation of the Still Life::
::Michele's documentation::